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Sam’s Pottery & Clay Studio

The relaxing way of expressing your creativity while having fun!

Let's Have Some Colorful Fun!

Join us at Sam’s Pottery & Clay Studio to explore the immersive and therapeutic art of pottery.
A pleasant break from the noise of the city, our studio is set in Wharton, TX area.

Painting is Creative

Pottery is Fun

Open 6 Days Per Week

We aim to enrich lives by teaching and promoting the ceramic arts


About Sam’s Pottery & Clay Studio

At Sam’s Pottery & Clay Studio, we love seeing you express your creative side.

At Sam’s Pottery & Clay Studio we enjoy seeing many different people express their creativity through painting and pottery. Come on in and make your own pottery throwing wheel with us, or enjoy the therapeutic feeling that painting provides.

We offer a variety of painting and pottery sessions 6 days per week by appointment, and we would love to see you create and hand-craft your next pottery or painting masterpiece!

​Give us a call anytime at (832) 425-5049 for more information.

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What We DO

Sam’s Pottery & Clay Studio is a relaxing way of expressing one’s emotions and creativity while having lots of fun. Our guests are free to bring their own beverages while they’re creating their own masterpieces, but you must be 21 or older for alcoholic beverages. We also offer a pottery throwing wheel for fun with no experience necessary, as well as training classes at 4 – 6 sessions in total.

Pottery Session

During our pottery sessions we’ll start with a demonstration, and each individual will receive their own pottery and clay. Each session is $30 per person, and the session will last for one and a half hours. Your pottery will also be available for pickup 8-10 days after your session to provide time to dry.

Painting Session

We also offer art paintings and glazing on pieces . Our guests can also choose a bisque to paint and glaze. You will be able to take your glazed pieces with you after around one week. There is $5 extra charge per piece for painting and glazing and the session will last 1.5 hours.

Training Class

We provide pottery training sessions at $50 per person for each session and this includes 4-6 sessions in total (Total $200-$300). Within each session you will work on 5 pounds of clay, and hopefully you’ll have fun while learning a new craft.

We Welcome Large Parties

We gladly welcome large sized groups and events like birthday parties, ladies night out, children and adult gatherings, church events, corporate events, date nights, anniversaries and more. We look forward to seeing you here!


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